GOFLEX Trial Energie Sion Région (ESR)Balancing energy for local utilities with FlexOffers

In Valais, the GOFLEX teams aims at optimising the balance for the distribution system operator to reduce corrective costs and use demand-side management to reduce peak loads on the distribution grid, thus reducing the need of upgrading the infrastructure in areas where decentralized PV production is increasing.

Valais is located in the middle of the Swiss Alps where the main share of energy is produced by hydroelectric power plants. However, with Sion (capital of the canton Valais, Figure 1) enjoying more than 2000 hours of sunshine and state subsidies in place, the share of solar energy is expected to grow in the future.

Energie Sion Région (ESR) is a Swiss utility company located in Sion that serves multiple roles, such as electricity supplier, electricity producer, distribution system operator (DSO), water and gas supplier, internet provider, etc. It possesses more than 55'000 electricity cus-tomers and distributes more than 500 GWh of electricity per year. In the scope of this demonstration case, ESR will serve as both energy provider and DSO. To launch the GOFLEX demonstration site in Valais, ESR has teamed up with the Institute of System Engineering of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO). One of the two main axes of research of the institute is energy. HES-SO will serve as an integrator, support ESR during the demonstration phase, and coordinate the pilot experiments.

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