FlexOffers were developed, tested and demonstrated in the following projects

Mirabel (2010-2013) developed a scalable ICT system for (1) Higher RES integration; (2) Demand-supply balancing; (3) FlexOffer-Management and initially defined FlexOffers

TOTALFLEX  (2012-2016) – developed and demonstrated a market-based system for FlexOffer trading and congestion management

Arrowhead ((2013-2017) -was the largest European automation project of all time; It focused on collaborative automation and interoperability of networked devices in (1) production, (2) end-user services, (3) smart buildings and infrastructure, (4) electro-mobility, and (5) markets of energy. FlexOffer trading was demonstrated in the virtual market of energy pilot.

DiCyps (2015-2021)– makes a fundamental research on how to utilize software and data for smarter solutions in heath, traffic, energy, and community service domains assessing the utilisation of FlexOffers

GOFLEX (2017-2020) -a Horizon 2020 project, which integrates several FlexOffer-ready ICT components from Mirabel, TOTALFLEX and other sources to demonstrate aggregation and trading of FlexOffers in three European pilot sites 

FEVER (2020-2023) a Horizon2020 project which will continue the work of GOFLEX with an emphasis on the assessment of FlexOffer market mechanisms, benefits for market actors and FlexOffer price building on flexibility markets.