GOFLEX Trial University of CyprusExploring flexibility offered by the public sector

At the GOFLEX demonstration site in Cyprus, the GOFLEX team aims at testing the microgrid case of a university, exploring the offered flexibility by the public sector testing.

The GOFLEX demonstration site in Cyprus consists of two separate pilots.

The first is located at the campus of the University of Cyprus (UCY) and its microgrid. At the university campus, 394.8 kWp of photovoltaic (PV) systems are already installed on the rooftops of various buildings as well as campus grounds. Additionally, each of the campus’ main buildings is equipped with a different Building Energy Management System (BEMS). At the moment, the produced energy is mainly fed into the grid, while the university’s electricity demand is covered by the utility grid. In the near future, the UCY plans to install an additional 10 MWp of PV together with a 1 MWh of battery energy storage at the university campus enabling self-consumption and the provision of flexibility and other ancillary services to the grid.

The second pilot will actively involve dispersed prosumers in Cyprus. At the moment, each of the prosumers owns a 3 kWp rooftop PV system to cover the annual electricity demand. In order for the prosumers to participate in the energy market, an energy management system will be added to enable the provision of flexibility and other ancillary services to the grid.

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